35mm — 2018-2020

Bounded Endlessness documents the relationship between humans and the sea through the constructed coast of The Netherlands. The Dutch coast is both an infrastructural and cultural landscape – where greenhouses, wind farms, cycle paths, restaurants, vacation homes and passing cargo ships coexist. It is a topography of permanent temporality – of human activity and emptiness.

God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.

Bounded Endlessness captures views of the coast and traces of the people who define it.

Bounded Endlessness

Research — 2020/2021

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News, Research — 2018

David Verbeek has been awarded the Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners by Canada Council for the Arts.

Read more from Canadian Architect or the University of Toronto.

Roma, Luigi Ghirri. 1979.

Research — 2018

Doha Pitch Generator will be published in Classeur 03 – Qatar from Cosa Mentale. Available at Centre Pompidou, CIVA, Venice Biennale, and more.

Collaboration with Valentin Bansac.

35mm — 2018

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